What Your Funny T Shirt Says About You

What Your Funny T Shirt Says About You

You may not realize it, but the t shirts you wear can inform others loads about you. Like, for example, that you've a good sense of humor.

However, obvious impressions aside, it really goes much deeper than that. Let's take a look at a few examples:

Beer / Alcohol

The "I wish to party and I do not care who is aware of it" person. Those who wear shirts advertising alcohol are large party people. They live for the weekends and having a wild time. They out for a very good time and often up for anything.

Pop Tradition

The "I am cool because I watch TMZ" person. The one who wears any shirt referring to some current pop culture occasion likes to be seen as someone who's "in the know." They are updated on what the celebrities are doing and wish everyone to know it.

Obscene - Offensive

The "I love to p*ss people off" person. The one who wears these shirts is rebellious and independent. They really do not care who they offend. In actual fact, the more offended the individual, the better.

Sexual Innuendo

There are two groups who put on these shirts. Males and women.


The "I am going to sleep with anybody who's desperate sufficient to assume I'm Funny graphic tees" guy. This man is misplaced with regards to meeting women and thinks he'll "get some" along with his humorous t shirt for men. It does not matter how hardly ever this works. He retains making an attempt because he doesn't have another ideas.


The "I would like attention from males" girl. She's not out for a real hook-up. She's just in search of guys to note her, flirt with her, and buy her drinks.

Now, if you happen to're reading this and end up offended because you like to sport one in every of these t shirts, do not be. These are just generalizations. Besides, for those who really look deep, you'll probably find that there's a little bit of truth within the assertion that offended you.

Plain T Shirt

The "I don't need to be observed" person. The one who wears a plain white t shirt, or blue, red, black, green, etc., is a watcher. A wallflower, when you will. They, too, wish to be comfortable, but do not really have something to say.

However, putting all of this psychology aside, be honest. Don't you end up doing anything you possibly can to read a whole shirt earlier than it, and the individual wearing it, get away? Most of us do.

This is a kind of voyeurism that is settle forable. We all know if we get to read that total shirt, we'll get a glimpse into the psyche of the person sporting it. And we do not have to be as ashamed about it.

Have you ever seen that there are more humorous t shirts for males than there are for girls? Is that because guys are more interested by making an announcement? Or because women are more inquisitive about reading them?

We might by no means know. But, humorous t shirts do make that trip to the grocery retailer or the market quite a bit more fascinating, don't they?

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